Monday, May 14, 2012

Cotton Candied Dress // What I Want in a Dress

At least that's what I like to call my new dress. The pink and the blue colors remind me so much of cotton candy. I'm excited, for soon I think I shall be opening my online shop. With each sewing project I've done, I feel more and more confident that I can sew and sell my cotton frocks. The key is, that I actually wear the things I make -- and feel pretty when I put them on. That's always a big plus. <3 I mean I don't have a pair of jeans I feel nice in. They are all too tight, or too low, or stretch out too easily, or are just plain unflattering. So a big hurrah for another dress I can wear with ease, and feel ladylike in. I know, it doesn't take a pretty dress to be a lady, but it sure helps!

I made this dress to wear to my cousin's graduation party this July. She has all sorts of fun decorations planned and I can't wait to go there in my new pretty dress.  

There is a little old fashioned quilt shop in a small town close to wear I live that I just discovered recently. I went there to buy my fabric for this dress. I couldn't choose a better place to shop. I has shelves and shelves of pretty floral old-fashioned fabric to choose from. I could spend hours of my time in there, not to mention tons of money if I had tons. 

Whenever I go there I get compliments from the ladies that work there. One of them said to me, "Aww! I love it when girls wear dresses like that! I was feeling sad that no one wears things like this anymore, when in you walked!" I was beaming. 

I had to agree with them. It is so hard to find clothes that are becoming, stylish, and well made. Well that's why I started sewing in the first place, I suppose. I couldn't stand the loose flowing t-shirty things that are in style now, or at least the things you can find at big stores. But even dresses that are cute from small indie places don't fit my critique. They are made too cheaply. I suppose I love yards of fabric in my skirts and so it is not the most economical, but is it really too hard to make things with decent cotton? Not that stuff that is so flimsy and see through that nearly everything is made out of now. I rather have say, five well made dresses that I love, than a closet full of things I wear some of the time but don't really like.That is why I sew. And that is why I want to sew dresses for other women and girls. It is just a creative way for me to express myself, and I don't see myself stopping for anything less.

 What I want in a dress
Well Structured
Well Fitted
1950's Inspired
Quilting Quality Cotton
Time and Love poured into sewing it 

On a side note, my hair actually seams long-ish in these pictures. Yay! I've been trying to grow it out for some time now, and I can finally say it is long enough not to call it short anymore. Albeit, it's not long yet either, but it is getting there. My hope is for it to be near or at waist by Christmas. We'll see.


  1. I really like this dress. It is very summery, and I love the spinny skirt. I love spinny skirts in general...

    I love the colours. For some reason your dresses always remind me of Anne, though it is the wrong time period. I guess I can just see her wearing them. They look like things she would love.

    1. Thank you!! <3 I do love spinny skirts! That's why I make them so full. :D
      That's sweet, I like that my dresses remind you of Anne! That is always a big plus for me. :) <3