Thursday, May 24, 2012

Route 66 Dress -- Part Two // A Beautiful Girl

At long last, I have finished sewing the Route 66 Dress! My dear friend is graduating from high school this year and I made her this dress for a present. She is a very talented young lady who wishes to serve the Lord with her life. Check out her blog:

She is unashamed of being a bit geeky about Dr. Who and wearing heels even though she is already quite tall. She's a country girl at heart, loves old cars, and pretty dresses. Leather jackets, and the color pink. She is stylish, but will go for a tramp through the woods wearing heels without a second thought. She takes pretty photos, has a lovely blog, and likes a good old fashioned romantic story. She can cheer me up when I am sad. She loves going for long drives in the car listening to music. She has the coolest sunglasses, and has a catching laugh. She will have the prettiest graduation party around. She is supportive. She goes to thrift stores and collects pretty dishes and things for a home of her own someday. She has curly hair, and listens to Owl City and Josh Groban. She has laughed with me and cried with me. She does what she thinks is right, and will stand up for her friends no matter what. She is comfortable in her own skin. She gives lots to her friends and family and has a good work ethic. She is a big dreamer. She has a good sense of humor, and makes me laugh. She has a tender heart. She is the dearest of friends and a beautiful girl inside and out. Her name is Katie. 
<3 <3 Happy Graduation!! <3 <3

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  1. What a pretty dress. :D I'm attempting to make a simple dress and it is so freaking hard. I should just stick to making bags. That is less complicated. XD