Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Hey, are you Hipsters or Amish?"

Perhaps I'm a total nerd. I probably am, after all I was home schooled. It seems home schoolers are in a class of nerdom all their own. But in a good way. They usually don't worry about following the newest coolest trends, they listen to the music that they love, wear what they like, and pretty much know who they are as a person. They aren't afraid of not fitting in, and don't have as much peer pressure to fit into the way things are "supposed" to be. Home schooling shaped my life in so many ways and it has made me who I am today.
 Keeping that in mind, My sister, Anna, and I were driving about town all afternoon, to the coffee shop, fabric store, and finally to the park to get pictures of my newest dress that I sewed. All while I was wearing my new 1950's dress I sewed, which I am completely not afraid to wear out on a day to day basis. This time I made an actual vintage pattern from the 1950's. (Vogue 8789).
 We were standing by the swings, taking photos, when a group of about four teenagers noticed us. One of the boys, no older than sixteen, yelled loudly across the park in our direction, asking if we were Amish.

I didn't really pay much heed, not sure they were talking to us, and continued snapping pictures.

"Hey, are you guys Amish?!" they yelled again, this time most definitely at us.

I smiled to myself, wondering that they did not know a 1950's dress when they saw it and instead thought me and my sister were Amish for merely wearing a pretty dress. It made me feel a bit sad that no one dresses up anymore, and that by simply wearing a pretty full skirted vintage dress they assumed we were Amish.

The boy was yelling rather rudely across the park at us though, and I wouldn't have minded answering them if they had been a bit gentlemanly and come up and asked politely. But yelling at two young ladies they had never seen before, half way across the park, was just childish, and rude. Perhaps I was a bit stand offish, but I didn't want to answer them when they behaved like that. If they had been nice about it I would have answered. So I ignored them, and we both decided we wanted to go to a more peaceful part of the park, away from the troubled youths, as we so lovingly refer to boys such as that.

I took a few steps and then came the best line I have heard in a long time.

"Hey! Are you hipsters or Amish?"

Now I have had many random things said to me, but never have had the comparison of hipsters to Amish. I wouldn't have known what to say, even if I did answer, but as it was I was already dieing of laughter inside.

Do you get odd comments when you wear a vintage or old fashioned dress?


  1. Aw, that dress is so pretty! Definitely one of my favorites of the one's you've made so far! ♥

    And as for that comment - lol!! It's too funny!! :D

  2. Haha, I love it! Actually, I have had weird comments like of the more recent ones was, "What era are you from?" which got answer with a very blank look. Maybe you're right, and it's all part of being homeschooled...a whole different class of nerdom!

    Your dress is lovely by the way! Both of the outfits, actually! :D


  3. Aw, thank you, Katie! <3 I'm glad you like it! It is definitely one of my favorites too. :)And the comment is even now cracking me up. Hehe!

    Hahaha! Vicki, that's probably what I would have done too! I mean, what can you say when people ask questions like that? And I'm glad you like my dress! <3 Yeah, isn't my sister cute! ;)

  4. I wish someone would ask if I'm hipster. It would be fun. It used to be Amish, now I think they think I'm a hypie so don't ask at all.

    LOVE the dresses!!! SO pretty!!!

  5. Oh thanks!! <3 I'm so glad you like them! haha, well being called a hipster was a first for me!