Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Inside My Hope Chest

Hope chests are so old fashioned and romantic. Don't you think? I simply adore them in all their quaintness.

I have always liked the idea of a hope chest -- a place to store things for my future home. Things that I have no use for yet. A sort of reminder of the responsibilities that lie a head of me and the excitement of the blossoming of womanhood. Dishtowels that are pretty, cookware that I take a fancy too, and kitchen utensils; pictures that I wish to hang in my home someday, treasures, and prized possessions that have no place for me yet -- all are treasured within my hope chest, carefully packed away till their proper time.

Only once in a while, when I am daydreaming, I will open the trunk and hold the things in my hands, thinking -- sometimes playfully and sometimes soberly -- about my life to come. Then I will just as carefully pack the things away again, wrapped in their newspaper print, like a little girl putting away her dolls once she is too old for them. Only it is not time yet for these things and am waiting, though not idly, for the day I will use them.     


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